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So many of us are DYING for things to get BACK TO NORMAL!!! But what is normal anyway?!?! Use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to. In stead of questioning WHY this is happening to us, let's determine what we can learn from it.

Many of us assume we need more time, money or success to be happy. However, progress equals happiness, that's because reaching a goal is satisfying but only temporarily. Life is not about achieving the goals, life is about who you become in pursuit of those goals. Often, we already have everything we need to enjoy life—it’s just a question of prioritizing what’s really important. So learn from the past, plan for the future but LIVE in the NOW! Progress is great, but don’t forget that your life is here and now. So, try to enjoy yourself some too, while making your grandiose plans for the future. Start to create the life you desire, but don't forget to enjoy the little things along the way.

Enjoy life TODAY with what you've got: right here, right now with these tips:

  1. Focus on Yourself

  2. Make Time to Relax/ Self-Care

  3. Avoid the News

  4. Grow your Community-Nurture Your Positive Relationships

  5. Explore - check out New Places -Try New Things (Even if only virtually for now)

  6. Keep Dreaming - Wish List

  7. Spend Money on Experiences, Not Possessions

  8. De-clutter - let go over whatever isn't serving you

  9. Make Time for Gratitude and Appreciation

  10. Schedule -Track How You’re Spending Your Time

  11. Be Deliberate in Your Choices

  12. Invest in Yourself

  13. Celebrate Small Wins - progress not perfect

  14. Practice Mindfulness

  15. Get Outside

  16. Record Happy Moments

  17. Get Active

  18. Keep Learning

  19. Give Back -Practice Compassion

  20. Never stop questioning

Never settle and don't go through life on autopilot! Life is short, don't waste it!!! So be mindful of your rush to return back to normal... and utilize this time wisely to be open-minded and learn from the past and create the future you desire. Let go of what's not serving you, bring back the highlights of what is working and come up with what is best to add in to make tomorrow better than today.

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