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Empower Your Kids By Setting Clear Do-able Expectations!

Whose kids school closed and you became first time Homeschoolers? 🙋🏼‍♀️ I realized years ago that although, I work so hard to empower my kids on a daily basis, often in the mornings due to the stress of trying to get the three of us out the door on time, too often that desire to empower was breaking down. Often it results in me getting a tad frustrated and them going too slow, 🐢 not eating 🍴, me yelling, them whining 😫 ect. So a few years ago I cracked the code and gained peace and order in the mornings by correcting setting realistic expectations and created self guided check lists for the kids to independently do (See the picture above).

However, with all the newness of homeschooling, workings from home and new challenges of the world as we know it, I found things out of balance again. So this week I wanted to recommit to get back on track and stay positive. I knew what was coming, I was committed to remaining calm, patient, not rushing them and using kind, loving ❤️ words. I don’t want to start their day off with a crazy momma 🤪 and them stressed before they even start their day. This morning went MUCH smoother! 🙌🏼 Going to take it one morning 🌤 at a time! Of course this peace comes while we are on spring break, before school starts again, while we are just practicing... but you have to start somewhere right?!?! What do you do to be prepared for a great day? I’m always looking for some organizing tips so that everything flows pretty smooth at 5:30 am 🤨

Here Are My Organizational Tips:

  • I have created and printed their morning to do lists (we haven't had time to buy the stickers, so we are using a page protector and dry erase markers),

  • We have set out their clothes for each day the night before

  • We decide on lunches the night before

  • We have created cubbies in the mudroom so the kids have a routine place for their things (so there isn't a hunt each morning to determine where something needed is)

  • We created a "jar of gratitude" journaling what you are thankful (to promote positivity)

  • We created a "jar of boredom" with creative ideas for when they are bored

  • I have created and printed their food charts (so they can track if they are getting proper nutrition)

  • We created a recipe idea binder and weekly each member of the family gets to pick a recipe for dinner. This way everyone is empowered with the power of choice, so they each get their day.

  • I have created and printed their evening to do lists

The routine lists are in hopes to empower our children to be independent in the morning, and motivate themselves to get things done instead of me having to nag them about the same things day in and day out. When we believe in our kids, it is amazing what they can achieve. Remember: it's not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.

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