Grilled Fish & Mediterranean Summer Salad!

Mediterranean - Super filling and refreshing!!


  • 1/4 tsp lemon pepper

  • 7oz grilled tilapia (cooked weight)

  • 30g Mixed Greens

  • 2 tsp lemon juice

  • 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil

  • 1 Tbsp feta cheese

  • 74.5g Cherry tomatoes

  • 52g chopped English Cucumber

  • 1 1/2 oz Avocado


  • Season fish with lemon pepper

  • Grill fish to internal temp of least 145 Degrees F

  • Make green salad by mixing greens, 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp EVOO, 1 Tbsp Feta

  • Mix a little salad made of Cherry tomatoes, chopped English Cucumber Avocado all tossed in 1tsp lemon juice.



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