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Power of Progressive Relaxation

So as you know being MINDFUL has transformed my life. When we change our perspective, we can understand thing from a whole different point of view. So often our bodies are barring the weight of the world and we doing even know it. Unconsciously we hold tension in our body that can be very unhealthy long term and also wastes a lot of our bodies valuable energy. Here’s a great relaxation technique the being the state of the body back to the conscious instead of the unconscious. Relaxation technique makes you more aware of the tension level in each part of your body and teaches you to shift your brain’s directive from tension to relaxation using very precise control. As you relax your muscles, you’ll enable background tension to dissipate as well.

Step 1: Find a quiet, comfortable place to lie down and cover yourself up if needed to get cozy.

Step 2: Close your eyes and get comfortable. As you are now going to let all the tension melt from your body.

Begin focusing on the toes of your left foot. Sense the level of tension, and say "relax, relax, relax, I release all tension, sickness and pain from this part of my body... relax, relax, relax!" then slowly relax every fiber in those toes, allowing the tension to flow out of you until it’s completely gone. Envision a waterfall showering over you, flowing in one end of you body and out the other end, let this visual wash away all that's bad, as you identify the issues let them flow out and away from you just as quickly as you became conscious of them. Now shift your attention from your toes to your foot, and repeat.

Continue in the following progression:left toes > left foot > left calf > left thigh > left hip > right toes > right foot > right calf > right thigh > right hip > buttocks > belly > lower back > chest >left fingers > left hand > left forearm > left upper arm > left shoulder >right fingers > right hand > right forearm > right upper arm > right shoulder >upper back > neck > face > scalp.

Finally, let the last bit of tension escape from the top of your head. Be mindful of your breathing all along the way. Synchronize the breath with movements in the body; that is, breathe in while identifying tension and breathe out when releasing the tension.  This rhythmic pattern of breathing and movement can enhance the feeling of relaxation throughout the body and help calm the mind. 

Step 3: Spend a few minutes absorbing this new state of relaxation. As you go about your day, notice if tension begins to creep into certain areas. If it does, stop what you’re doing as soon as possible and relax those areas using an abbreviated version of the technique above. This will help prevent areas of tension from prevent unneeded stress and prevent musculoskeletal dysfunction.

This technique is a great way to relax the body and mind at bedtime to fall asleep more easily and get a deeper night sleep. Remember the goal of this technique to to become mindful and build awareness of how to recognize and differentiate between the associated feelings of a tensed muscle and a completely relaxed one. Through repetitive practice, a person can then induce physical muscular relaxation at the first signs of the tension that accompanies stress.

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