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Simplify Challenge To Prevent Overload!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

So let’s face it people might seem perfect... but no one is. Sometimes it just seems easier to say “yes” than “no”! Sometimes although suspicious, we enjoy the peace and quiet before realizing the danger in that enjoyment. Our schedule is beyond busy and sometimes keeping things up to date, organized, and sorted is not on the priority list. So we all know that can only go on for so long...

Time to get organized!!! Lots of changes this year. Time to make some space...GETTING FREE!!!! Letting Go!!! Getting rid of it!!! Donating some!!! I FEEL GREAT and it’s just the start!!! We are decluttering our home, and our minds!!! Going all in and getting totally transformed!!! My home, my body, my mind, and my life!!! NOT GONNA MISS IT!!!

Kids are experiencing sensory overload with “too many trinkets, too many choices and too much information.” Children flourish when they have the time and space to explore their world without the constraints of “too much.” This overload is not only overwhelming it's stressful to not only the kids but the parents too. So in this house the goal is to achieve simplicity and less things, less stress, which will hopefully lead to happier, more successful children and parents.

I have found, children need time to become themselves–through play and social interaction. If you overwhelm a child with stuff and with choices, before they are ready, they will only know one emotional gesture: More! As you decrease the quantity of your child’s toys and clutter, you increase their attention and their capacity for deep focus and play. Too much stuff leads to too little time and too little depth in the way kids see and explore their worlds.

Along the same lines, simplifying your family’s schedule can reduce the frantic feeling of always being on the go. Believe me I understand, kids with a full plate of school work, extracurricular activities or sports each day may feel stressed and chaotic (as well as the parents). Since the kids are lacking the free time they need for creative play and exploration, many don't have time to BECOME themselves.

It's my mission to not only create the time freedom in my own life to become a truly present parent and to simplify my family's lives to help us learn to find joy in the present moment. By simplifying, we can concentrate on what we really value, not just spend our days reacting to everything the world throws at us. So remember to stop, breathe, enjoy, and be with each other, reflect, love, and let go of the expectations of being perfect... and be really present with those around you. Because that's where the joy lies. Remember the power of your choices--you are capable of creating the health and freedom in your life that you desire. ❤️ We can't control the uncontrollable but we can control how we react to things. So remember to believe in yourself and the power within!

Let's come together to create LIBERATED PARENTS! We are not perfect by any means, but we have come so far, once we stopped blaming, making excuses, and took responsibility for our life. We believe in equipping people with the structure and tools necessary to live a life of balance and fulfillment. A life with freedoms in health, wealth, and family. Our mission is to empower you to overcome everyday obstacles, experience everyday wins, realizing that you have everything you need within to create the life you desire!! So if this sounds up your alley, "Welcome", you have come to the right place!

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