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Liberating Parents For Love

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

I won't bore you with the back story of how I broke free from unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs, but I feel compelled to show others what's possible, if you don't give up, if you stay focused on what you desire, and if you make the intention to take daily action to create the life you desire. So many of us get stuck in the HOW can I make it happen... I promise you have everything you need to achieve what you desire and beyond what you even knew was possible. It's all about unleashing the your true potential. So stop playing small. It's time to find the superhero within, rescue yourself, achieve what you desire, giving yourself the ability to fulfill your true purpose. Together we can create an action plan that takes you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Once you become parents, your marriage matters even more, not less... (so many of us put our relationships on the back burner and focus in on only the kiddos and family's needs) But your marriage matters even more when you are parents because NOW other people are counting on that marriage and are watching how you model your marriage.

This is for those that are currently:

  • feeling like a failure

  • feeling robbed of be present for those memorial moments (1st word, 1st steps, etc.)

  • stressed

  • overwhelmed

  • gaining weight

  • disappointed

  • impatient

  • feeling you are not enough (not doing enough, not caring enough, not listening enough, etc)

  • unhappy

  • unfulfilled

  • in pain

  • short tempered

  • numb

  • frustrated

  • angry

  • hunger

  • finding everyone annoying and incapable

  • unable to delegate

  • depressed

  • micromanaging the most insignificant tasks.

  • tired (like a drained battery)

  • put yourself last on your list

  • having trouble sleeping

  • not eating properly

  • unmotivated

  • completely comfortable but bored

  • think it's selfish to want more

  • think your not capable or more

  • feel stuck

If you can relate to any of the above, this is likely for you. I hear you. Please know you are not alone, I could relate to many things on the above list and I was a highly functional employee, community member, mother, wife, sister, etc but I was on the fast track for burnout and my body was taking the brunt of it and the wear and tear was piling up and causing issues left and right. So it's normal to have the above feelings but what makes the difference is how we CHOOSE to react to the above. This reaction refers to the thoughts, actions, behaviors, and words we respond with, to ourselves and our surrounds. It's this reaction that shapes our future. So if you desire change, YOU have to change how you react. If nothing changes, nothing will change.

I have seen first hand what happens when you ignore these red flags; I have felt what happens when you do not continue to seek growth and instead settle; I've heard all the suggestions (you should do this, you should do that); but if you are like me you have a pile of excuses and a mind full of overthinking. We live in a world full of information, that can seem overwhelming at times. I feel like I had tried everything to no avail, I still felt like I was drowning, barely keeping my head above water and if I would just try a little harder or push a little more, I'm sure I'd achieve improvement. With no reprieve in sight we can find it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and may of us give up hope and our negative self talk gets louder and louder. So if you just don't know what to do, you are not alone.

So it is critical to became self aware, mindful of your choices and their impact and course correct accordingly. It's easy to get STUCK... trying to balance nurturing yourself and your family. STUCK... knowing what you need to do but not having the motivation, willpower, or stamina to get into action and make it happen. Feeling like you want to be more and do more but you are failing at everything.

So we quickly learned taking time to work on ourselves, actually afforded us the headspace to improve all our relationships (our relationship with ourselves, with our partner, with our children, and with our family). Taking good care of YOU means the people in your life will receive the BEST OF YOU... rather than what is LEFT OF YOU! Putting my health first after many years of neglect, allowed me to be the best version of myself for not only myself and my husband, but for my family. Our kids need happy parents, not perfect ones. When you stopped trying to do it all, you will able to give the best parts of yourself to the things that mattered most! Let go of the baggage you don't need to carry. If you want to break free you need to get crystal clear on what you want and you have to start with investing in your mental, emotional and physical health, becoming stronger than before. It’s not selfish to invest in your health, so that you can be present today and tomorrow. Don’t forget to take care of YOU. So we then became passionate about achieving that balance and becoming more present to enjoy the seemingly little things (like listening, laughing, dreaming, playing, connecting, and loving) that matter the most.

This is for those that have a possible desire for the following:

  • more time with there family

  • more time for themselves

  • learning to give yourself grace without making excuses

  • learn to focus on what you can control and not what you can't

  • gaining more effective self care

  • achieve balance

  • learning to focus on progress, not perfection (accepting it is ok to not be perfect)

  • learning the power of saying "no", and gaining the freedom to have more "Yes" days

  • learn to prioritize what's important to you, instead of letting your schedule run your day

  • acquiring the ability to efficiently resist giving energy to what doesn't serve you, reserving your energy for what matters most

  • have the financial freedom to hire others to do the tasks that do not energize you

  • become aware that life isn't happening to you, it's providing what you need for you to gain the strength and experience to achieve what you desire and fulfill your purpose

  • becoming more self-aware

  • seek to understand you can not control your feelings but you can control your thoughts and actions

  • creating mindfulness

  • establish healthy energy, emotional and stress management, so you are freed to enjoy what matters most

  • increase flexibility and ability to adapt to the changing environment instead of being reactive

  • becoming fit for purpose

  • improving your health (body, mind, and finances)

  • learning to manage emotions, expectations, and maintain a positive growth mindset

  • becoming a present parent to improve the next generation

  • creating a lasting impact and legacy

  • creating time freedom and financial freedom to afford you the opportunities to what you desire

  • establish abundance and the freedom to travel, have experiences, and adventures to help you learn and grow

  • gain motivation, willpower, or stamina

Are you ready to break free from what's holding you back and create the life you DESIRE?

Schedule a FREE consultation with us today! We empower others to attain the life they truly desire by creating a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy finances, so they can focus on what matters most, despite self-doubts and limiting beliefs. Awakening others to stretch beyond the impossible and unlock their own infinite potential, has been so rewarding. We are so blessed to be able to link arms with our clients, as they become their own superhero and achieve their dreams.

LIBERATING PARENTS FOR LOVE allows parents to gain balance by doing less, so they can achieve more. Here at Stretch Beyond Impossible, we believe in equipping people with the structure and tools necessary to live a life of balance and fulfillment. Our mission is to empower others to overcome everyday obstacles, experience everyday wins, realizing that you have everything you need within, to create the life you desire!! So join us and focus in on YOU (being your best self), build your relationships, and become truly present to enjoy what matters most! As you begin to enjoy the moment more the following things begin to magically happen:

  • You begin to gain a stronger sense of self (self love, compassion, grace, empathy)

  • You gain comfort in your own skin and creating a strong self confidence, showing up as your best self (which is important to model for the children)

  • You begin to grow your relationship with your partner and make the time to reconnect on a deeper level, enhancing your love

  • You begin to listen more to each other, reaching a better understanding of each others needs and work together satisfy those needs

  • You begin to find yourself more positive and joyful

  • You feel more alive, having energy to enjoy life

  • You become more productive and attractive and you realize your self-worth is more valuable

  • You begin improve your finances and reducing unneeded stress

  • You begin to dream and work together towards common goals

  • You begin to work together as a family unit to make time to truly be present and enjoy each other

  • You begin to have the headspace to be present and to love your family

Although the list goes on, this gives you a taste of why this is such a powerful thing and why we are so passionate about LIBERATING PARENTS FOR LOVE, thus creating a lasting impact on the future generation of leader.

We see people searching for the answers outside of themselves, but that is not where the answers are found. There is no magic pills, patches, special coffee, supplements, or even surgery that can fast track you to sustainable life long results you desire! The answers are found within YOU. Our approach is designed to help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become an active participant in your own life. Our role is to help you take charge of your health (body, mind, and finances) to create a life worth living. Our coaching is designed to make you stronger mentally and physically, happier and healthier and most of all: to help you find the strength within yourself to be your own superhero, rescuing yourself and achieving your goals. Many people take this opportunity to create a life of abundance, instead of settling for just enough.

Often times we become numb and we settle, the important thing is to have the self awareness to check in with ourselves to see where we need to put in the effort to continue to learn and improve. In this world you are either growing or you are dying, so get into motion and improve, instead of rolling over, while you deteriorate. Take a FREE Well-Being Assessment to determine what areas to focus on first. None of us are perfect, we start where you currently are, let's setup a meeting to customize a plan to suit your needs, and create an action plan that takes you from where you are right NOW to where you WANT to be!!!

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