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Find The Superhero Within

Feel overwhelmed? Don’t have enough time to do it all? Are you spread too thin? Boy can I relate to those feelings. Anyone else feel like they could use a miracle or superhero to come in and save the day? Who's been the person looking for a person or something to come in a boom fix ALL THE THINGS. That was me for years tossing around in the wind between feeling stuck, jealous of others and wishing and praying for a HERO, a miracle, or a saving grace of some sort to just make it all better.

Sometimes the weight of the world is heavier than the strength we think we have to bare the load. What if the miracle happens when you put on a cape and save your own day instead of hoping someone else will save you? Stick with me for a few minutes, because if you are open, this will empower you to rise above feeling helpless, hopeless, and overwhelmed, and become the dominate force in your own life. We see people searching for the answers outside of themselves, but that is not where the answers are found. It took me a while to figure this out but truth is, the answers are found within YOU. Imagine that, you have everything you need within you. Whatever it is that your struggling with, an idealistic vision of what it would be like that your not living up to, a devastating termination, or even a imprisoning prognosis...Don't let it hold you back! Do not blame or become a victim, as that will not help you improve your situation. Sadly, no one is gonna fight for your story to be rewritten and told differently. So you should be the one ready to go into battle, right? For years I was convenience if I just work a little harder... then I would reap the rewards. But then I realized how much of life could pass me by while I just kept pushing through. I urge you to tap into your superpower within... rather than just be busy, work harder, push through, go numb and get NOWHERE.

This is definitely something that I’ve been trying to work on, exceptionally in times of stress! Many battles have been won, there are shackles undone laying at me feet, but the truth is there are still battles, yet I contend to be the best version of myself EVERYDAY. Yes... I lost over 60 lbs... (And you might think that’s what I help others do now) but those pounds were just symptoms of an underlying issue - My life had slipped out of balance... I got busy and prioritized myself less. I was notorious for burning the candle at both ends..for putting myself last..which sounds noble but can be self destructive. The ME now... knows how to prioritized self care and health in body, mind, relationships and finances. As I strive to bring balance into my life daily... this is one of the most important questions I had to work through:

Are you PRODUCTIVE or just being busy?

How many times do you want something but you say “I don’t have time.” Or “I’m too busy”. I don't know about you but during the hardest times in my life it is easy for me to be a workaholic, because it allows me to avoid the painfully hard issues, I'm not ready to deal with. Not sure if anyone else relates to that, but often I find myself too BUSY to be able to address the real things needed to move me forward. It's like we talk ourselves out of the possibility of improving... by using the excuse of being busy. I don't say this to offend, it's all about prospective and for my past self I was just too overwhelmed to consider adding anything else to my plate. So I get it.

But now this is my perspective: If you saw someone drowning, would you take the time to pull them out of the water? If the answer is yes, you have enough time to save yourself from drowning. You have time! You get to DECIDE, right now, who you want to be. You choose in this moment by your actions, what tomorrow will bring. We make time for what we really care about. Believe that you are worth it... Believe that you CAN... Believe that you are capable of anything you set your mind to... The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule but rather to schedule your priorities.

Here are some tools that I learned to live the life you want and have the time to do it. What is important to you? What are your non-negotiables? Fact: We choose what we prioritize. So CHOOSE wisely! If you want more, you have to do something different and I can help you with the different. So take action and create the life you desire. Believe me if I have time, you can make the time if you choose to! Don't settle, don't let life pass you by. Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life. Similarly do not get so involved helping others that you forget to help yourself. Let’s start treating ourselves better, improving our health, and start living our best lives!!!

Take care of yourself - it's not a selfish luxury it's a necessity.

Why do you think, they say a superhero can't fly with a torn cape? A superpower is best used when you are properly energized, well fed and taken care of, right? This goes for you and your child. For you to manage your superpower, you have to be in good shape (physically, mentally and emotionally) and the same thing applies for helping your child manage their superpowers. So let's up our odds or over coming these challenges by taking care of ourselves first. As the say you can't pour from an empty cup.

In troubled times I put myself last and have serious self neglect issues... I don’t remember to eat, shower, drink or other simple self care tasks... Self care sounds basic but if you neglect yourself and your needs, you will not be preforming at your best, you immune system will be lowered and you won't be able to handle things as well. Key components of self-care are : Proper Hygiene, Healthy Eating, Proper Hydration, Healthy Motion, Proper Sleep, Healthy Mind, and Mindful of Surroundings.

With all the info out there so many people question what does healthy eating even mean, what's good for you? Don't be paralyzed by so much information, just get into action. Portion control, meal frequency, and a balanced diet are essential to strengthening immune system, fighting food cravings and coincide with healthy weight management. Proper hydration is also important to optimize your body’s efficiency. Are you drinking enough water? If nothing else just be sure to add in healthy veggies to your daily intake when possible. For those that tend to overeat in troubled times, make a veggies platter and snack on that instead of all the easy unhealthy options. Make healthy easy and unhealthy hard.

Proper Hygiene is critical to feeling your best. Never under estimate the power of a shower. Washing your hands can prevent contracting something you body has to waste energy fighting off.

Healthy motion keeps your body flexible and strong, and can also impact emotional wellbeing. With NEAT (Non Exercise Activities Thermogenesis), you can increase your physical activity outside of exercise. By focusing on constant movement, you will burn more calories and have more energy.

Sleep is a critical, and often underestimated, factor of optimal health and strengthening the immune system. The quality of your sleep also has an impact on losing and maintaining weight.

A Healthier Mind. Examining how you make choices and understanding your patterns contribute to your overall health. Being mindful and managing emotions and stress appropriately are just as important as physical fitness.

Better Surroundings - The people, places, and things that surround you can impact other areas of health. Build a support system that helps you build lasting relationships and a sense of connection, instead of surrounding yourself by a negative environment


Once you identify the areas you need/want to change, you have the building blocks for motivation and a grasp on what is important to you, this alignment with the basics need to achieve the larger goals makes the basics more critical to your success and more likely to provide these basic needs to your body and improve your overall well-being.

So don't forget to give your body everything it needs to feel and preform your best, so you can up your odds for success.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Protect Your Energy - be aware of the impact of your environment, be self aware and mindful of your choices

Do you take personal responsibility for your life? No one is harder on me, than I am on myself. I may not be able to control everything in life, but I can control my actions and reactions and that is what shapes our future.

Success requires that you take some form of action to make your dream a reality. Make certain that your action is INSPIRED ACTION. When you are spinning your wheels, trying to get your car out of the snow, you are in an “action” but this kind of action is not gaining you any traction. The idea of simply “working hard” to make something happen is not necessarily the best way of achieving your goals. Inspired action is getting inspired first and taking action from a place of alignment. This is the kind of inspiration where you literally cannot wait to take action, when the work just flows, time passes in an instant and at the end of it all you actually feel energized instead of drained. Imagine that? You'll achieve much more success, more quickly, if you take inspired action. The key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule but rather to schedule your priorities.

So let's be real, my past self would have glossed over all other the above because I was too overwhelmed, not seemed inspiring, everything took effort and I was barely keeping my head above water. So this is not meant to put you off, I get it, I've been at max capacity but I am here to share with you what I learned, in hopes to help you make the choices in your life to make it easier for yourself. I realized when I was spread too thin and unable to focus on the important things, I wasn't great (I sucked) at everything, and that is draining. So think through the things you choose to do each day - do they drain you or do they energize you. Try to focus in on the things that energize you and do more of that. Also realize how much energy you are freely giving away to unneeded reactions to things, decrease the amount of energy draining things. The power of saying "NO" was huge for me, in improving my energy and limiting the endless energy drains.

So many people come to us not knowing what to do. Knowing what to do, is certainly important but knowing WHY you do it, fuels your motivation... your passion. A strong passion enables you to find a way to achieve your goals... any goal. The seemingly impossible becomes possible. Passion turns your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Not only does passion ignite your pursuit of excellence; passion makes the journey more fun!!! There is no passion to be found in playing small or in settling for a life that is less than what you are capable of living. No matter the prognosis, diagnosis, or advice you receive from others about your life, none of it is as powerful as what you think about yourself. So let’s awaken WHY you desire what you want and unleash the superpower within, to make that desire a reality!

So much of the inner work I needed to do was "BELIEVE in myself"! Getting in alignment is all about taking action not sitting around and waiting for the creative lightning to strike or for someone to swoop in and save you! It’s not a matter of sitting around and waiting for something outside of you to happen. You have everything you need from within, you just have to learn how to unleash it. You can summon up that source of inspiration by putting yourself in alignment with your goal before you start the work. Journaling, visualization, meditation or a gratitude practice are all excellent places to start. The important thing to remember is that inspired action always feels amazing! This is definitely something that I’ve been trying to work on, because when you are BUSY (not productive) it can seem like you don't have time for this corny stuff! But I realized is the self awareness gained through these actions that actually moves the dial the most.

You’re not just doing things on autopilot; nor are you acting from a place of fear. You’ll feel elevated and energized, not confused, bored or depleted. And that’s a pretty amazing way to walk through life, which is why I felt moved to share these tips with you! So try out choosing inspired action over forced action and see how much more flow and fun you can add to your life! What gets you sustainable result is 'Relaxed Inspired Action'. No amount of desperate action or quick-fix solutions can get you lasting results. F.A.I.T.H., has been described as Feel As If the Thing Has happened already. (More on faith to come in future posts). Having faith that your desires are already yours, so you don’t have to fight the currents of your life experiences to reach your goals. Since your desires are already in place for you, all that is necessary is for you to relax and go forward, only with inspired action. This, of course, takes faith that must resonate within.

Protect your energy, don't waste it on draining things. “Working smart” defeats “working hard” every time. Children NEED to hear this too. Spread the concept.

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings And The Impact It Has On You!

I give my all, to be the best version of myself each day, we all have good days and bad but how we react to them is very telling to those around you and I always try to be a good role model. I know my influence on others is vast. It’s my hope to make choices each day that influence those around me for good. The result is so much more enjoyable. So, the excitement comes from our growth, then it becomes contagious to those around us; this is influence in action. Looking back on 2019 it is incredible think how many lives have been positively impacted by our decision to improve our health. To see some of amazing transformations we have been part of and had the opportunity to walk beside on their journey, although the physical changes are remarkable, we love even more knowing about the remarkable things these individuals have experienced and knowing we are helping individuals gain confidence, do activities they once couldn’t do, reduce stress, improve energy, create a work-life balance, parents coming home to per present parts, get quality sleep and so much more. I feel so blessed to be able to help others transform their lives, by empowering them find the superhero within them.

Our thoughts are influenced by what happens around us. What we see, what we hear and what we read has a big impact on how we feel. Those feelings become our thoughts and those thoughts have the power to influence what we manifest in our lives. If we want to make a difference and bring a positive change, we have to learn to be mindful of who we are surrounding ourselves with.

Is your environment, social circle and influence congruent to your goals?

With so much power within us, we can do anything in our life and lives of others. While the negative interactions can leave us hollow, drained and with a feeling of negative, we can turn them into positivity just by associating us with inspirational people, motivating writings and influential words. Please be mindful of what you are surrounding yourself with and the impact it has on the trajectory of your life.

So HOW are you going to use your influential superpower? Choose wisely.

Be positive and surround yourself with positivity, you will spread only positive thoughts and vibes. Positive thinking includes encouraging self talk and optimism. Don't let your thoughts, beliefs, or energy be lowered or influenced by anyone or anything that doesn't truly want what's best for you. You have the ability to Stretch Beyond Impossible and create the life you desire. Seeing the way someone else acts or responds in a given situation may inspire someone to see the world differently. Let's change the world together, one example at a time.

Our coaching is designed to make you stronger mentally and physically, happier and healthier and most of all: to help you find the strength within yourself to be your own superhero, rescuing yourself and achieving your goals. To create an Action Plan that takes you from where you are NOW, to where you WANT to be. Sometimes the weight of the world is heavier than we realize. In order to rewrite my destiny, I realized I needed to DECIDE what I wanted and just go after it, fight for it, push through the hard stuff, and create the life I desired, because no one is going to do it FOR me. Be your own Hero. You need you!

I realized once I said yes to my health, then to coaching and entrepreneurship that I was my own HERO. I get to choose to take back what the others tried to steal from me. I get to choose a happy, healthy, fulfilled, joyful, and abundant life. The most rewarding aspect of this whole journey is meeting others where they are with the same key that I learned. So are you going to miss out on your destiny or are you ready to become the hero in your own story? Our coaching approach is designed to make you stronger mentally and physically, happier and healthier and most of all: to help you find the strength within yourself to be your own superhero, rescuing yourself and achieving your goals. Our mission is to teach, awaken, empower, equip and help people everywhere discover how to transform their life and STRETCH BEYOND IMPOSSIBLE. So let’s get clear on what you really WANT and see it come to LIFE.

The stretching, growing, and refining process isn’t unicorns and rainbows...But it is worth it. The purpose of this post was to help others change their HABITS and set up systems for long-term success. Do not blame or become a victim. You may not be able to control everything in life, but you can control your actions and reactions and that is what shapes your future. You have everything you need within you, waiting for you to unlock the light within. Believe in yourself. Share this post that might need to hear these words today.

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