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Our Perception IS Our Reality.

Crazy right?!!?

Beliefs divide us and values bring us together. When you suspend your “Belief” and get curious, things can look much different! Like it does when you look at this picture from the left vs. the right


We all wear different colored glasses, in which we view the world through. You & I can be in the same place, at the same time, and watch the same exact event unfold, yet have an entirely different description and feelings of what happened. Then, we tell our friends/family, they absorb the event with their own perception, and so on. We are all entitled to have a different perception, because we were all made different, hold different journeys, emotions, morals and view points within ourselves. Any that's what makes as all different but not any more right than the other.

Our perception IS our reality.

However, all to often we allow other people's perceptions and our own, to disrupt our way of living. Here are my tips to keeping a healthy mindset: Have Compassion, Stay Calm, Have Clarity, Stay Focused, and Have Courage (see details in linked healthy mindset post)

Be sure you are asking yourself is this fact or interpretation?

Most of how we perceive the world is an interpretation of the facts and many of us will interpret the same facts differently. So as we move through these challenging times, let’s focus on the facts and be open minded that others might not SEE the facts in the same way you do. Let’s put our egos aside and not worry about who is right but rather help look at things from all prospective to try to come up with ways to adapt and solve the issues that are arising. So let's make positivity more infectious than this virus. Facts not fear. Clean hands. Open hearts and minds. Let’s show future generations how resilient we can be.Training our brains to receive a more open-mind positive perception, is the ultimate key to happiness. You truly can find beauty and gratitude in even the darkest moments. You may need a few moments to step back and breathe, but you will become that flower growing through the pavement.

Questions to ask yourself??? Do you spend time:

  • explaining your positions?

  • making judgements?

  • arguing with others who do not share your beliefs?

  • proving your logic which from our perspective appears to be right?

  • thinking people are stupid?

Hmmmm .. how’s that working for you?

Check out these tips from a great friend and mentor of mine:

  • Start simply by choosing to hold a space for others to see things differently. It’s OK!

  • Consider new possibilities.

  • GIVE yourself permission .. ALLOW yourself to see things differently. It’s safe.

  • Challenge yourself daily to live with an energy that is open & curious.

  • Release the need to be RIGHT by making someone else wrong.

  • Move yourself to a new perspective by physically get up and move your body to a new space. A different position. Tilt your head.

  • Get curious! Ask questions ?

  • Let go of the need to be right when it pops up .. observe it and laugh.

  • Yes... LAUGH! Be childlike and Play as if you’re working with Play doh.

  • Recover the child in you and your world will open anew.

When you incorporate these things into your everyday life, you SHIFT and you give yourself the GIFT! So many gifts flow to you like joy, peace, understanding, freedom & fun. More than anything you experience GROWTH. So let's rise above and stretch beyond impossible together... Remember: as you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

Thus, our mission is to not only guide you to improving your physical health but also create a healthy mindset and healthy finances so you can be truly present in life to enjoy what matters most to you.  Take our Free Health Questionnaire and then book a time for a FREE Health Assessment to determine how you could improve your health. We believe in equipping people with the structure and tools necessary to live a life of balance and fulfillment. A life with freedoms in health, wealth, and family. Our mission is to empower you to overcome everyday obstacles, experience everyday wins, realizing that you have everything you need within, to create the life you desire!!

Take a FREE Well-Being Assessment to determine what areas to focus on first. None of us are perfect, we start where you currently are, let's setup a meeting to customize a plan to suit your needs, and create an action plan that takes you from where you are right NOW to where you WANT to be!!!

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